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FILTECH 2019 - Meet the experts at the largest filtration show world-wide from 22-24, October 2019 at the new venue KoelnMesse in Cologne. 

Always is a good opportunity to meet expert colleagues from all fields.

Experts talking at the Filtech Cologne 2019: Stephan Schuetze and Walter Lamparter

FILTECH 2019 - Meet the experts

The largest filtration show world-wide takes place from 22-24, October 2019 at the new venue KoelnMesse in Cologne, where 425+ companies present their cutting-edge products and innovations for the chemical industry, food & beverages, life science, minerals processing, pulp & paper, waste management, water treatment, environmental engineering, petrochemicals, nonwovens, composites, and many more.

Sophisticated and state-of-the-art filtration and separation solutions play a key role in all industries. FILTECH is a global solution provider for targeted filtration & separation tasks covering all industries.

The FILTECH Conference is the globally FILTECH . It is an acknowledged platform for scientific exchange of the latest research results and knowledge transfer between theory and practice. It provides a representative survey of current research and state-of-the-art developments for filtration and separation targets in a wide range of sectors and covers all relevant subject areas and techniques for the separation of particles from liquids and gases.

200 lectures from 30 countries give a representative cross-section of the different procedures and applications of separation technology as well as across the industry about the applications, from the preparation of mineral raw materials, thechemistry, environmental technology and water purification down to the pharmacy and biotechnology.

For me it always is a good opportunity to meet expert colleagues.

Should you need to solve a technical challenge in process engineering or I can assist you getting things right from the start, please feel free to get in touch.